1. The Brazilian Tour Groups are back at WDW!

    Viva La Brazil!

    good luck castmembers! I know your pain!

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    I had a really bad experience with one of the Brazilians and I am now forever scarred!!!! RUN AND HIDE!!!!!!
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    ughh i loved this night. natalie lets run away!
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    ahhh! D: good luck!
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    fuck everyone. i got stuck in the middle of one when i was doing PAC at parade today. I wanted to die.
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    just pitched this as a theme idea for happy monday!
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    Aha, reblogging for you, Laura.
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    Today was my first day back to work. Someone mentioned the tour groups being back and I wanted to cry. I forgot they...
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    Eff these groups They were SO obnoxious
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    OMG I HATED them with a passion. A bunch of spoiled kids with no parental supervision. I had one kid argue with me in...
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    I feel for everyone currently working there. The Brazil tour groups are the reason why I’m afraid of large groups of...
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    Costume? That is a costume? [/dies] So much love.
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    At what point does it stop being a joke and become a stereotype?
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